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Finance Ever are an online private lender that specialises in personalised installment loans. We understand that life can throw unexpected finances in your way at any time. Our customers borrow from us to pay for their basic needs like electricity, installments or rent. The application process is simple and effortless. It ensures that funds are made available to you within a 24-hour period. The terms, amount and interest charges related to a loan are disclosed to you in a transparent way. The repayment works on a fixed schedule, based completely on your finances and convenience. In addition, the customer support service is always available for your help.


It is like any other short term loans but still the basic difference is the sequence of payments, which is very unlike the other small loans. The interest rates, loan amount and durations are just like any other loan and they may vary from one lender to another. Borrowers have the chance of applying through secured or unsecured ways.

To handle the sticky situation through a better loan deal, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. To help you, we have sum up some tips to consider before applying:

Installment Loans Online
  • Decide how much amount you need: It is important for you to not to apply beyond your repay capacity. Remember, every loan has the interest rate to pay.
  • Analyse the best repayment term: You have the choice of extending or not the payment period but you will have to pay higher interest in case you stretch the term.
  • Be sure for an early payment: You can discuss with the lender that you can make an early repayment but it may include significant charges.


The primary advantages for these loans online are:

  • We are the modern day lender and quite flexible to our lending approach. We give you liberty to choose the date of monthly repayments according to your payday.
  • You can personalise your loan deal that can match to your financial circumstances. From the amount to the repayments, you can decide on your own.
  • We give different loan amount to the new borrowers and those, who have already taken our benefits. However, customised loan offers are confirmed.
  • You have the option of applying through the online procedure. Not much documents to submit and no upfront fees are applied on any of the deal.


When you are going to apply for installment loans in UK from direct lenders, there are some points that you should follow. These are:

You should check before whether you are eligible or not
Never apply loan at multiple lenders
Analyse your financial circumstances to choose the best deal
If you have a doubt regarding your repayment capacity, then wait to avail a loan
Be sincere while making the repayments, which should be on time
You should not apply for loan if you are sure that all pending dues can be rectified in one go
Try to choose the loan term as short as possible
Do not take the repayment lightly, as it can ruin your credit score
Choose the repayment date around your salary day

Finance Ever always tries to be fair and useful for the customers. These monthly instalment loans are the perfect example of it where you will not only get a favourable loan deal but also guidance on how to manage the loan. Thus, it’s time to put your query to us and apply for the loans now...


There is no doubt that the credit score is the most determining factor in giving a loan approval. Majority of the lenders are reluctant to offer the loans to those with poor credit history. But this is not the end. Finance Ever has always kept its doors open for such individuals. In fact, we have already prepared specialised deals on the installment loans for bad credit people.

We don’t care what your credit history is, but your income status that matters a lot. As long as you are employed, we are assured about the proper repayments from your end. We follow ‘no credit check’ policy where the credit history does not examine or may be analysed on the soft credit check. In the end, our borrowers can be relaxed because their loan applications cannot be declined.


  • There is not much difference between the working of installment loans online, bad credit loans and any other loan offered. You borrow a specific amount on the particular interest rates and you have to repay on the specific period. After borrowing the amount, the borrowers have to make the repayments on the specific period. However, the loans can be applied for small to long duration, such as 12 months to 5 Years.


  • It has been found that the interest rates on installment loans in UK are usually on the lower side than the short term loans. This may entice any borrower to apply for these loans but before that, you should know why the rates are lower. The interest rates vary according to the loan amounts and the duration. The higher the amount, the risk would be greater for the borrower. And, they have to repay a hefty amount otherwise they can choose the longer period. Crucially, if you keep the loan term longer, the interest rates will go higher. Some lenders also take credit histories of the borrowers into their consideration and give preference to the good credit people.
    Our company never accepts the credit history as the factor of approving a loan. Instead, we take the income status as the determining factor of giving nod to the loan application.



Follow these 3 simple steps to apply:

  •  Click on the ‘Apply Now’ Button on our website
  •   An online form will open up that you have to complete with mandatory details
  •   Once completed, submit it and wait for the approval

The below conditions are not difficult to fulfil.

  •   You should be at least 18 years of age or more
  •   You should be residing in the UK
  •   You are earning a full time or part time monthly income
  •   You must have a UK bank account


  • Where can I get an installment loan?

    Banks and private lenders both provide installment loans. The only difference is their policy. Banks follow traditional lending criteria that require you to have a good credit score. If your credit score is less-than-perfect, they will turn down your applications. Online lender are more flexible with lending approach. You can get these loans even if your credit score is poor. However, the interest rate will be higher as compared to good credit borrowers.

  • How much can I get an installment loan UK?

    There is no fixed disbursal limit as each lender follows different criteria. A lender decides the disbursal limit only after considering your credit needs and repayment capacity. You are likely to get lower amount than you quoted. A responsible lender will try that you do not get money beyond your capacity.

  • Why should I choose Finance Ever for Instalment Loans Online?

    We provide instalment loans to all including subprime borrowers as they believe that any person can come across an emergency. Finance Ever is the best lender because it provides these loans at lower interest rates than other online lenders. Moreover, you will get loans with flexible repayments.